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ELAINE WILLINGHAM, Cullman, Alabama, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2016

Elaine Willingham, owner of the Cullman Ballet Theatre, has an impressive stage history.  When she was only 11, she began training with Anita Burbage, Leading Ballerina Star of Europe.  She then attended the Birmingham Civic Ballet School, and became a member of the Alabama Ballet Company.  She also was accepted into the prestigious Alabama School of Fine Arts as a full-time student.  Elaine was a protege of very distinguishedteachers in both the U. S. and Europe.  In her career, she taught ballet at Athens College, Snead Junior College, Auburn University, Huntsville Ballet School and in Paris, France.  With this background, she wowed the audience when the took the stage for her talent performance at the Betty Leeth Haynes Theatre in Cullman where she won the title of Ms. Alabama Senior America 2016.

Elaine also has the ability to overcome obstacles to reach her goals.  Approximately ten years ago, she suffered a very serious injury when she fractured her metatarsal.  She hadn't danced onstage since then, so she hesitated to reach outside of her comfort zone.  But, like many of the former Ms. Senior Alabama winners, her daughter convinced her to enter this pageant.  She didn't disappoint her daughter or the audience in the theatre for the Ms. Sr. Alabama Pageant.  She performed her talent with grace and style, spoke her heart in her philosophy and looked like a model in her evening gown.  

She advised other senior ladies who might think of entering the competition in either 2017 or other years that this is a wonderful way to keep learning.  "You get out of your comfort zone, find a wonderful fellowship with other ladies, and it's a great way to boost your self esteem!"

Elaine begins her reign as Ms. Alabama Sr. America 2016

Elaine & Guests at Bon Voyage Party

Congratulations to Elaine!

Friends Bid Bon Voyage to our lovely Queen as she goes to Ms. Sr. America


Elaine and husband after Ms. Sr. Alabama win

Elaine Willingham, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2016

Elaine performing