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Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., has been an integral part of the the Ms. Senior America Pageant since our first Ms. Senior Alabama was crowned in 1987.  And yes - we have had a Ms. Senior Alabama who became a Ms. Senior America.  She was Gilda Campbell, Ms. Senior Alabama 1988 and Ms. Senior America 1988.  There have been many talented, beautiful and successful Ms. Sr. America's since that time.  Many of these made the Top Ten and some even made the Top Five and the Top Three in the Ms. Sr. America Pageant. 

Gilda Wear Campbell, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1988, Ms. Sr. America 1988. 4/5/25/ - 8/17/96. She sang with Big Bands from age 9, taught dancing. Later on in her career, she had her own studio and also worked for Auburn University.

Donna McGuffie, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2013, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America,

Niva Dorough, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2012

Brenda Emery, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2010 - Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Frankie Cashion, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2011, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Sally Beth Vick, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2009, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Edwina Chappell, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2008, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Eleanor Davis, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2007, Third Runner-Up Ms. Sr. America

Dianna Murphree, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2006, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Liz Roberts, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2005, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America

Zemula Bjork, Ms. Senior Alabama 2004

Patricia Johnson, Ms. Senior Alabama 2003.

Thelma McLin, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2002 passed away in Birmingham, AL on September 27, 2013

Gayle, Hester, Gadsden, 77, Ms. Senior Alabama 2000, passed away 1/31/15. She was an entertainer at heart as well as an avid athlete - softball, bowling and gymnast, and was the first woman umpire for boys little league. She enjoyed being a part of the "Queens of Entertainment" as a dancer and comic.

Nancy Dean, Ms. Sr. Alabama 2001, Top Ten Ms. Sr. America, Mrs. Dean is the past president of the Baldwin County Master Gardeners Association. Mrs. Dean serves on the Foley Beautiful Board and has been instrumental in bringing color to downtown Foley. She has received many awards and recognition for her achievements. She holds a Bachelor of Law Degree. Her hobbies are gardening, sewing, painting and making porcelain dolls.

Annie Blevins McCray, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1999, was the first black teacher hired at Homewood Jr. High School, where she started in 1969. She holds a Master Degree in Guidance Counseling.

Betty Leeth Haynes, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1997, Fourth Runner-Up Ms. Sr. America

Patricia Gunter Odom, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1998, Montgomery, 76 in 2014, a Certified Residential Realtor Specialist - a title held by only 3% of realtors in the U.S. 1983 Montgomery Citizen of the year. JayCes Distinguished Service Award. She is activ in community services and supporter of the performing arts.

Hattie P. King, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1996

Mary Vesta Russell, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1995

Elaine Freeman Thomas, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1994. First Runner-Up to Ms. Sr. America. Elaine passed away Mach 23, 2013 at the age of 89. She was known affectionately as "Pal" She was honored by a funeral conducted by Delta Sigma Theta Omega Sorority. She was an Art Professor for many years at Tuskegee Institute and Curator of Carver Museum. She spent much time in the presence of the renowned Dr. George Washigton Carveer. She was an accomplished musician and played both piano and organ

Dorothy Drummer, Ms. Senior Alabama 1993

Dorothy Taylor Holt, Ms. Senior Alabama 1992

Renee Glass Pierce, Boaz, Alabama, Ms. Senior Alabama 2014. placed as 3rd runner-up to Ms. Sr. America

Johnnie Lewis, Ms. Senior Alabama 1991

Elaine Willingham

Marian Nash Yoe, of Talladega - Ms. Sr. Alabama 1990 - Top Ten Ms. Sr. America Pageant -- is an accomplished artist - and in 2015 at 94, she is still beautiful and active in her hometown. Ms. Yoe was a trained nurse and was married to Dr. Alphus Yoe in 1941, and they became parents of 4 children. She has held membership in the Friends of the Library, Garden Club, Argus Club, Junior Welfare, League, and Daughters of the American Revolution serving as Regent. She has illustrated children's books, and had many shows. Many of her original paintings and limited edition prints are in the collections of corporations and private citizens. She remains independant in her home of 70 years, where she still paints in her studio and writes poetry.

Belynda Sims

Judy Muntz, Ms. Senior Alabama 1989

Gilda Wear Campbell, Ms. Sr. Alabama 1988, MS. SENIOR AMERICA 1988!!"

Dr. Margaret B. Little, Ms. Senior Alabama 1987, Birmingham, AL