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 Renee had an exciting journey from Boaz to the Ms. Sr. Alabama Pageant and from there to the Ms. Sr. America Pageant - a Journey of a lifetime with memories that will stay with her forever

Renee wins Ms. Sr. Marshall County and goes with the other contestants to the Ms. Sr. Alabama Workshop

Renee is crowned Ms. Sr. Alabama 2014 by Ms. Sr. Alabama 2013 and Ms. Sr. America 2013

Renee works hard on her music and herself for 10 weeks and by October 26th is ready to go to the Ms. Sr. America Pageant

On August 9, 2014, Renee wins the Ms. Sr. Alabama and will now represent Alabama at the Ms. Sr. America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ

Over 30 Alabama friends travel with Renee to wish her well at the Ms. Sr. America Pageant

Renee & husband Tommy and daughter at the Ms. Sr. Alabama Banquet

Renee is on the plane and on her way from Birmingham to Philadelphis with a transfer to Atlantic City

The excitement mounts! Renee has made the Top Ten!

She makes the Top Five!

Renee is officially Third Runner-Up to Ms. Sr. America 2014!

Renee with Ms. Sr. America 2014 Patricia Godley

Renee and some of her new friends from Ms. Sr. America

Renee reurns home to parades with fond memories

Renee and Grandchildren enjoyed the Christmas Parades