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Each Contestant meets individually with a panel of judges.  This is her opportuniy to demonstrate her personality and conversational skills and begins the judges' task of selecting the lady who best meets the ideals of Ms. Senior Alabama.



The pageant recognizes physical fitness, but seeks to emphasize that true beauty is a matter of insight, as well as eyesight.  Each contestant shares her personal "philosophy of life" with the audience so that the judges may develop an insight into each lady's own inner beauty.



Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc., believes that the woman makes the clothes with her taste, style and knowledge of what's right for her.  During this event, the judges seek the contestant whose poise and grace best illustrate the "Age of Elegance."


TALENT (30%) (WAIVED FOR 2021)*

Ms. Senior Alabama demonstrates that talent does not diminish with age an should continue to be shared.  Each contestant presents her talent, whether music, dance, comedy, drama, poetry, art or other special skill and demonstrates the extraordinary and ongoing gifts of today's senior women.


Each contestant receives a score, from one to ten, in each of the four categories above.  Contestant interviews are held in advance and the judges' scores for the interview category are submitted to the Chairperson and Tabulator.  Evening Gown, Philosophy of Life* and Talent* scores are reported by the judges as they view the contestants on stage.  The four scores are then added together and the ladies who receive the top scores will be announced as this year's winners.