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WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO HAVE A PAGEANT? 1. A simple venue (church, community center, etc.); 2. Three unbiased judges who do not know your contestants; 3. A crown and banner; 4. Ms. Sr. Alabama entrance fee - (present time it is $200); 5. Coordination with the Ms. Sr. Alabama Director as to procedures. 6. Your candidates will be judged on: Talent, Evening Gown, Poise, Individual Interview with Judges, Philosopy of Life. 7. You should have enough information on this Web Site to get you started.


The Board of Ms. Sr. Alabama, Inc., is always excited to hear from contestants, directors, and the possibility of having new pageants and directors.  Please let us hear your thoughts!

Everyone always asks - What does it take to win the title of Ms. Senior America?  Talent, a great life's philosophy, elegance, inner beauty & outer attractiveness, the ability to communicate with your peers and those in the news media,  energy and the ability to travel all over the United States - sometimes on short notice.  Shown below are the 2014 Top Ten Winners in the Ms. Senior America Pageant.  You may go to the website to "state pageants" to read about the qualifications of these winners.  Ms. Senior Alabama 2014 won third runner-up and can be shown on the left in a red dress. 

 THE NEXT QUESTION USUALLY IS:  WHAT DO I GET IF I WIN?    The Board of Directors of Ms. Sr. Alabama, Inc., pays your Entrance Fee to the Ms. Sr. America Pageant which covers:

1. Crown and Banner given if you win Ms. Sr. Alabama;

2. Room  for queen and *guest at the location of the Ms. Sr. America Pageant for the duration of the competition;

3. Tickets for the queen's *guest to first Preliminary, second Preliminary, and the Finals, Showcase, Welcome Dinner and Dinner Dance;

4. Tickets for the queen to Showcase (Usually on Tuesday Night), Welcome Dinner, Queen's Breakfast and Dinner Dance (of course she does not need tickets for herself to the preliminaries and finals as she is in all of these;

5. Picture and background information in Program Book.

6. Full colored picture and biography on website.

                       *Depending on availability of funds of the Ms. Sr. Alabama Board.  If funds are not available, Guest will be consideed to be Ms. Sr. AlabamaTraveling Companion.

The Ms. Sr. Alabama, Inc., Board will provide payment or reimbursement for the following as approved by the Board:

1.  Transportation to the Ms. Sr. America Pageant for queen only;

2.  All meals during the pageant for the queen only that are not covered by the Entrance Fee;

3.  *Cash Award to the winner of Ms. Sr. Alabama;

4.  *Mileage reimbursement for travel for queen to and from offiicial appearances which must be pre-approved by Ms. Sr. Alabama Board at an amount not to exceed $.30 per mile. 

                  *Varies depending on availability of funds. 

IF I WIN - WHAT DO I NEED FOR MY TRIP TO THE MS. SR. AMERICA PAGEANT?   There will be expenses for which you will be responsible. Due to the fact that we are a non-profit organization, and depend on sponsors and donations, most of your expenses must be covered personally.  You will need clothes for traveling (dress, suit, or pantsuit) An interview suit; costume or evening gown for talent presentation; evening gown for evening gown/philosophy competition; another evening gown for the Ms. Sr. America Banquet/dance; outfits for practice.  Your wardrobe for the pageant must be approved by the Pageant Director prior to the trip.  You will be responsible for all personal expenses incurred during your reign as Ms. Sr. Alabama except those indiated which depend on availability of funds. Members of the Board will work with you to find reasonable sources of clothing.