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If you are interested in putting an AD or sponsoring a contestant in the pageant being held in August, please CONTACT MS. SR. ALABAMA, INC., directly and NOT Sally Beth Vick!

DID YOU MISS OUT ON THE BEAUTIFUL 2016 MS. SR. ALABAMA PROGRAM BOOK? If so, they might have copies and if so will probably be glad to sell them to you for $10.00. This covers our cost of publishing the book $7.50 and shipping for $2.50. If you are interested, please send them a check for $10 and if available,they will accommodate your by forwarding a Program Book to you. Please make your check payable to: Ms. Sr. Alabama, Inc., and send directly to them. They may still have a few copies of program books from past years.


The Ms. Sr. Alabama Preliminary Pageants started in January of 2017.  So due to the popularity of the beautiful ADs in the past Program Book, They  will again be doing ADs for the  Program Books.  The ADs are varied for every year.  There are beautiful full page ADs of the preliminary winners in evening gowns; half page business cards ,full page business ADs collages of former Ms. Sr. Alabama's by themselves or with families; commercial ADs of all sizes, Memory pages of loved ones, Good wishes to a contestant.  Just use your imagination.  Just heed the following instructions:

                                                      ADVERTISING RATES & INSTRUCTIONS

Full Page  -       $ 150.00

1/2 Page              75.00

1/4 Page              50.00

Booster                25.00

In previous years, they were limited to color pages of contestants only; however they  were fortunate to be able to now have  full color book at a reasonable price.  The following should be noted.  The ADs will now be in color every year if we raise enough money to cover the color printing.  So please adhere to the following rules:

1.  Camera-Ready color photographs (we will convert to black and white if enough funds are not received);

2.  Logos, photos, business cards, other items appearing in AD must be laid out in camera-ready format (that means all we have to do is photograph your AD and put it in the book as is.  We had to do the complete graphics on some of the ADs last year, and if we have an earlier pageant, we are sorry, but we will not have the time to do that this year;

3.  Jpeg files on CD (not zip disk) and pdf are acceptable and can be forwarded by e-mail.  If you do not have a computer available to you, I would suggest that your AD be camera-ready and mailed to us.  If you do not know how to do this one of your fast print businesses in your area can help you put your AD togeter;

4. AD must be accompanied by money order or check payable to:  Ms. Senior Alabama, Inc. (If your check is not received by the day of printing, your AD will not be included in the program book;  If your check is received after the publication date, we will return your check to you.

Since Ms. Sr. Alabama, Inc., is a non-profit organization, they always welcome major sponsors.  Any donation or sponsorship is appreciated.  Since it is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible,  you will be  provided W-9 forms to be submitted with your Federal Income Tax Returns. (Information regarding sponsorship has now been added to this web page. See section entitled "Sponsorship."